Can you break down the Tracker list in Sonar?

Can you break down the Tracker list in Sonar?

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Can you break down the Tracker list in Sonar?

Certainly. Sonar's Web Tracker tab consists of seven columns. They display important information for the user to identify each tracker individually and gauge their performance as individual pieces as well as an overall campaign. This helps to identify high points in the campaign so that success can be replicated. The columns can be broken down as follows:

Destination: This tells you where a tracker points to if it is a tracking link or custom link. A pixel will show as N/A in this column.

Description: This is the custom description that was typed in on the creation of a tracker. This serves to remind the user where the tracker is, what it is or other important information.

Enabled: This is a checkbox that you can use to enable the tracker(s) you want. You can also uncheck them to disable.

Total Clicks: This will tell you the total clicks that a tracking link has received. It will also tell you the number of times a tracking pixel has been triggered total.

Unique Clicks: This column will display the number of unique visitors has activated the tracker. A unique visitor is assessed by the browser, IP address, and cookie so as to provide the utmost care when counting a unique visit. This is because we want to be sure that you know if your total is because of a lot of visitors, or just a few who spend a lot of time on your site.

Created: Displays the date the tracker was created in year-month-day-time format.

Type: Displays the type of tracker that row represents.

Can I add other columns to the Web Trackers tab?

No. In order to maintain the stability of the tracking we currently have, the only grids that can be edited in such a way are in our Contact Manager. As well, all of the data that needs to be shown in relation to the tracker is already available. If there were a column associated with the trackers that you think should exist, please pass that suggestion along through support and our team will be happy to look into it.

Support can be reached at or by phone at 1-866-323-6572, ext 2.

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