Can I assign table widths as a percentage?

Can I assign table widths as a percentage?

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Can I assign table widths as a percentage?

Yes, you can assign table widths as a percentage, px, in, cm, mm, em, ex, pt, or pc using our HTML editor.


To enter a width as a percentage, add % to the end of the value you enter when specifying the width of your table. For example, if you want the table to be 50% of the viewable area, enter 50% instead of 50. If you just enter the value 50, the system will treat it as 50 pixels.

While percentage values can be useful, they can cause messages to stretch out too wide for people viewing your message content on widescreen monitors with high resolutions. You can also use pixel values, however.

How can I use them?

To give you an idea of what pixel value to enter, our editing window is about 600 pixels wide, and on many monitors, this will appear quite narrow. This is not a bad thing in many cases, especially for people viewing messages in a small preview window, such as the preview pane in Microsoft Outlook. Messages that are too wide will not be easily viewed by recipients in preview windows, and this is an important factor to consider when you are sending content to your audience. The default templates we have available use background images that are 600 pixels in width, and if you have a table in your content and select a width greater than 600, it could break the template by stretching it too wide.

What if I use my own templates?

If you are not using one of our templates, you will be able to assign larger widths to your tables. Many clients who are not using one of our templates tend to use widths ranging from 700 to 900 pixels to give them more space to work with, while still being readable to clients using lower screen resolutions.

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