Can I get credit for bounced emails?

Can I get credit for bounced emails?

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No, you cannot get credit for bounced emails since we do not know an email will bounce until it has been mailed to the recipient. To minimize bounces in bulk mail campaigns, ensure that your list is current and up to date. If you are using an older list of double opt-in subscribers, bounce rates may likely be higher.

When an email is hard bounced (the email is a bad address), the system will flag this email in your list and add it to the email unsubscribes list. This will prevent the message from being sent to those addresses on that list again in the future.


Temporarily bounced emails (soft bounces) caused by a mailbox being full, for example, are not flagged in the list as a bad email address unless the address soft bounces five consecutive times. This is done because we may be able to deliver email to it the next time you send a campaign to your email list.

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