Can I make a personalized SMS message?

Can I make a personalized SMS message?


Yes, you can! The point of the SMS message is that it allows you to create a message that can be sent as an automatic appointment reminder, for flash sale coupons, exclusive promotions, and much more, allowing for variability in what you can send. To create a new message in the SimplyCast SMS Marketing application, type out your SMS message in the textbox provided under the Setup Message section. Keep an eye on how many characters you are using for your message, as each SMS message can only contain up to 140 characters. Characters include letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. To view how many characters you have remaining in your SMS message, look at the bottom of the textbox and you will see two fields: one depicting how many characters you have remaining in the current SMS message and the other letting you know how many messages you will need to send in order to send the entire SMS message.

Include Merge Tags

Merge tags are what allow you to personalize your SMS messages to each recipient by adding individual names, titles, cities, as well as any other information that can be found in a contact’s CRM profile.

To add a merge tag to an SMS message:

  • When you come to the point in your SMS message where you would like to insert a merge tag, locate the Merge Tag field at the top of the textbox and choose the merge tag from the dropdown menu. For example, to add the contact’s name to the SMS message, choose Name from the dropdown menu in the Merge Tag field.
  • To the right of the Merge Tag field is the Max Length field. This refers to the maximum number of characters the merge tag can contain. If you do not enter a value in this field, there will be no limit as to the length of the merge tag.
  • Once you have filled in these two fields, click the Add Merge Tag button to add it into the message.

Merge tags are assumed to be 32 characters in length when estimating how many total SMS messages will have to be sent. They will appear in the message with two percentage symbols on either side (i.e. %%NAME%%). If you have limited the number of characters for a merge tag, an example merge tag will look like this: {{TRIM:%%NAME%%,15}}. When the contact receives the SMS message, the message will include the contact’s name in place of the merge tag with up to 15 characters of the field inserted.

Thanks to SimplyCast being a low-code and/or no-code solution, it makes it easier to create and personalize your SMS messages to your liking. It is simple and does not take much time, allowing you to personalize as many as you see fit. Considering making an SMS campaign? Click here to see what it's like to make your first one and how to do it. If you are interested, or would like to learn more information, click here to get in contact with one of our Sales Team members and they will be happy to assist in any way. Or if you would like to see how it works, click the button below to request a demo!

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