Can one platform have managed services and normal accounts?

Can one platform have managed services and normal accounts?

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Can I offer both a managed service as well as normal accounts on my reseller platform?

Yes! You can create and manage campaigns for some clients while offering a complete do it yourself option for others. If you normally only offer a managed marketing service, by adding a "do it yourself" type option you can increase your customer base and increase revenues with the SimplyCast white-label solution by appealing to a wider range of customers.

Can I charge differently for the two?

You sure can! As part of the white-label solution, we don't regulate your pricing. What you set your price point at is your business. In fact, SimplyCast has managed services as well, and we charge separately for those.

Is there a reseller platform that lends itself especially to managed service? That's my company's specialty.

Yes, actually. SimplyCast Agency365 is designed specifically to cater to managed service agencies, ad and marketing agencies and all manner of organizations that do business in that way. It's a new offering available to diamond-level resellers, and features permissions-based, multi-user functionality that was built using requests and knowledge provided by agencies interested in our product. Using your own copy would allow you to offer primarily managed services, while having diamond-level reseller privileges would allow you to resell it to other agencies and generate even more income based on that new alternative income stream.

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