Can I purchase a fax list from you: Bulk fax campaigns

Can I purchase a fax list from you: Bulk fax campaigns

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The short answer to whether SimplyCast provides a fax list for users to use in their fax campaigns is no.

SimplyCast does not divulge any information it receives from its clients - either their own personal information or that of any contacts they store in the SimplyCast platform themselves - to any third parties unless required by law. SimplyCast is an ISO-27001:2013 certified company, meaning that it takes information security very seriously and has security measures in place to help prevent data breaches or the unauthorized use of protected information.

SimplyCast also must adhere to anti-SPAM legislation, and therefore does not allow anyone using the SimplyCast platform to use a bought, rented, or otherwise illegally-obtained fax list for sending purposes. All contacts on users' fax lists must be opted in to receive messages from them and no contacts on any fax list can be more than two years old. By ensuring that all contacts have been added to the list within the last two years, this will help with improving the deliverability of users' fax marketing campaigns, meaning that there will be fewer failed sends to old or obsolete phone numbers. 

There are a number of ways for users to generate their own fax list in the proper manner. For example, contact information can be collected through a signup form located on the user's website or shared via social media pages. Another way to gather contact information is through SMS shortcodes. Have contacts text a designated keyword into a shortcode number to receive a link to the signup form so they can sign up to the fax list. As long as your contacts come to you and expressly indicate they wish to receive communications from you, SimplyCast will allow you to send to them. SimplyCast also does not allow users to send to any contacts who have unsubscribed from fax messages.

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