Can I trigger a SimplyCast 360 campaign from Sonar?

Can I trigger a SimplyCast 360 campaign from Sonar?

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Yes, you can use the Sonar data that has been assigned to your contacts in order to start a new campaign. However, you need to have a tag attached to a specific tracking link or pixel in order to do so.

In SimplyCast 360, drag the Contact Changed element into the editor as your starting point. Start the Setup Wizard and you will be taken to the Contact Changed page. From here, you can select if you would like the campaign to trigger if a column is updated, metadata is updated, or if a list is changed.


As we are dealing with Sonar, select "Metadata Updated", and in the Metadata Updated field, choose which type of metadata you would like to prompt the triggering of the campaign. You are able to choose multiple types of metadata (ex. email opens and link clicks), but remember that the campaign will only trigger if all the selected variables are true.

When you're satisfied with your metadata changes, select the list that you would like the campaign to be applied to and click Next. In order to ensure that contacts aren't sent through the workflow repeatedly every time they click an email, you can use the Decision node in conjunction with the Duplicate Filter node. Set the Decision element to look for the tag that you have affixed to those who interacted with your tracking link or pixel. The Duplicate Filter node will prevent contacts from entering the rest of your workflow multiple times.

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