Can you send a picture to a fax machine?

Can you send a picture to a fax machine?

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Can you send a picture to a fax machine? Of course!


Well, unfortunately it isn't as simple as choosing a .jpg or .png file from your computer or phone and sending it as a message to a fax machine. However, with fax automation software you are able to upload an image file to the software and send it as a fax to a recipient's fax machine. With SimplyCast's Fax Marketing tool, users can easily send pictures to fax machines, along with any other content they wish. These fax messages can be sent to one or more fax machines in one bulk send.

Within SimplyCast, there are just a few easy steps you need to take to send a picture to a fax machine.

  1. Create a new fax campaign from the Fax dashboard.
  2. Add a custom fax document to the campaign by clicking and dragging the Build a Document element onto the workspace.
  3. Edit the custom fax document and select the Image icon from the tool bar at the top of the page.
  4. Upload the image you wish to send as a fax, or select an image you have already added. (When faxed, pictures will appear as black and white images)
  5. Finish editing the document as you like and proceed to the next step of the setup process.
  6. Add a sender name (who the fax is coming from) and select your contact list(s) to send the picture to.
  7. Choose whether to send the picture to the receiving fax machine(s) right away or schedule the send for a later date and time.
  8. Proceed to the next step where you can review the campaign settings before completing and scheduling the fax campaign.

That is just how easy it is to send a picture to a fax machine using fax automation software!


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