How to set up a Repeating Trigger element’s repeat interval

How to set up a Repeating Trigger element’s repeat interval

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  • Click the blue Settings button in the Repeat Interval field

repeating trigger settings

  • This will open a sidebar where you must choose the interval of time you wish the repeating trigger to be activated.
  • Select the type of interval you would like to use from the Type dropdown: Fixed Offset or Flexible.
  • Choosing Fixed Offset as your schedule type will cause the Offset field to appear. This field includes two dropdowns and a textbox. Choose your unit of time from the dropdown on the right (hours, days, weeks, or months), and in the dropdown on the left, choose the number of the selected time unit you would like.

fixed offset trigger

  • Choosing Flexible as your schedule type causes a Timeframe dropdown field to appear. In this field, choose whether you want to trigger to repeat on certain days of the week or certain days within a month.
  • Selecting the Day of Week option will cause a Days of the Week field to appear where you must select the days of the week you wish the trigger to be repeated.

flexible trigger

  • Selecting the Within a Month option will cause two new fields to appear. In the first field you will choose the week of the month you wish the trigger to be repeated, and in the second field you will select the day of the week.

trigger timeline

  • Once you have determined your schedule type and have selected the interval to use with your repeating trigger, click the blue Confirm button to save your settings and close the pop-up window, or click the Cancel button to close the window without configuring your schedule type.

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