How do cPanel and WHMCS integrations benefit me?

How do cPanel and WHMCS integrations benefit me?

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How do cPanel and WHMCS integrations benefit me?

These integrations are quite beneficial to resellers and customers alike and allow for a couple of different functionalities. WHMCS allows resellers to use any billing gateway that connects to WHMCS, and still view payment information within the account manager on the application. cPanel links a SimplyCast account to the cPanel account the user owns and inserts a marketing application icon for SimplyCast, which allows the user to log in and access the app with the click of a single button in their cPanel main screen. These integrations greatly assist in the convenience and accessibility of the application and allow users to connect all the necessary tools to succeed as resellers.

How can I access those apps?

You will be able to access your cPanel integrations through the app soon, where you will be displayed with a description of the plugin, and a link to download the necessary files to be provided to your system admin. Until then, calling into the office will get you the same setup. The WHMCS integration is connected during your Reseller setup. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the partnership team about these plugins.

Do I have to pay more for these?

Absolutely not. They are both integrations that have already been completed and are available the moment you become a Reseller. For more information, you can contact our partnership team via email, or phone using the information on our Contact Us page.

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