Can I create mobile-friendly emails with your platform?

Can I create mobile-friendly emails with your platform?

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Yes, you can use SimplyCast to create mobile-friendly emails.

Creating email messages with our Simple Editor provides you with the flexibility to create emails with responsive design elements that look great on desktops or mobile devices.

The first step is to make sure you create your message using the Simple Editor, which provides a Mobile Friendly checkbox in the Project tab on the left of the campaign when you edit your design.

How it works:

The Simple Editor allows you to drag and drop elements into your message and creates "blocks" of individual content that you can edit. You may  have an email design that has a text block that is split into multiple columns. Having multiple columns of information can cause mobile users to have to scroll back and forth to read your content, and the mobile-friendly option rearranges this content for you.

If the email is opened using a mobile device, content is re-arranged in a single column automatically. If you have a two-column layout, the content from the left column is displayed first, and then directly underneath it, the right column information is displayed. Our editor uses responsive design to make your email a lot more readable on a mobile device.

Design Elements to Avoid:

You should avoid creating content that is too wide. Here are some common issues we see with email content that can affect the mobile viewing experience:

  • Avoid wide images (300-320 pixels or more). These get cut off on mobile devices and your readers will need to scroll to see the rest of the banner.
  • Don't create content that is just a single image. This method of campaign creation is convenient if you are converting from a document such as a PDF, but it makes for a poor mobile viewing experience. Your content should be split up to use content blocks instead.

Design Elements to Include:

  • Keep message width around 300-320 pixels or less.
  • If you use images for buttons, make them large enough for people to tap on their touchscreens.

Today it is more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly design and we strongly recommend designing all campaigns with mobile devices in mind.

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