Do you have a resubscribe option?

Do you have a resubscribe option?


A lot of questions we've gotten, especially with stricter spam laws coming into play in the last few years the world over, is if we have a resubscribe option. And the answer is yes.

Resubscribing with SimplyCast is really quite easy. First, you want to make sure that you have an option on your form for resubscription that the client can check or select in some way, usually through a dropdown or checkbox.

Then just mention in your unsubscribe email that if they wish to resubscribe at any time, that they can do so by clicking a link to a resubscribe landing page, or visiting your homepage, and resubscribing through the form they find there, and then clicking the link in the resubscription email.  Simple as that. Then, this process will take place automatically, and clients will be educated automatically.

It's important that subscribing or resubscribing is always double opt in, so as to confirm and prove express consent and keep you safe and keep your clients happy.

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