Does SimplyCast have a tool for SMS campaigns?

Does SimplyCast have a tool for SMS campaigns?


SimplyCast's SMS tool is perfect for SMS campaigns. This tool allows you to easily request and utilize keywords on a shared shortcode, which makes opting in for your audience quick and easy. From there, join and help messages are automatically generated, although you have the option to customize them if you wish. And, the best part? Unsubscribes are automatically captured and added the SMS suppression list. This means your SMS campaign stays compliant automatically.

On top of the compliancy benefits, SimplyCast's SMS tool makes your communications for your SMS campaign more engaging, responsive, and personable. Through the SMS tool, you can add merge tags to make your messages more specific to the individual recipient. And, you can use SimplyCast 360 in conjunction with the SMS tool to send contacts specific messages depending on if they meet a certain criterion or are at a certain stage in the customer lifecycle. Using SimplyCast 360 helps automate your SMS campaign and give you the ability to offer contacts messages relevant to their needs.

To see an SMS campaign in SimplyCast 360, book a demo today!

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