How do I get started with SimplyCast 360?

How do I get started with SimplyCast 360?

SimplyCast 360 FAQs

1. Log into your SimplyCast account.

2. Click the grey "SimplyCast360" option under the Automation tab in the navigation bar.

3. Select the green Create Campaign button.

4. Enter a project name in the pop-up that appears and, then select "Create."

5. You can access most channels and elements directly from the 360 canvas. To work with a specific channel, start by finding it in one of the tabs in the left-hand section of the Workspace (e.g. "Starting Points," "Campaigns," "Contact Relationship Manager"). If you're not sure what each element does, you can hover over its icon with your mouse to read a brief description of the element.

6. Drag and drop the element you want to use from the tab into the canvas. You will then be prompted to enter a Project Name and indicate the Project Type, which will vary depending on the specific Element. Select "Create" to continue.

7. To edit the content of your element, adjust the settings, or eventually activate the Element into your campaign, select the element in the canvas and refer to the Element Content section on the right-hand side of the screen. Click the Edit button to proceed to that element’s editor. 

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