How do I add a contact to the CRM?

How do I add a contact to the CRM?


To manually add a new contact to your CRM:

  • Click "Contacts" in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen on the CRM dashboard.
  • Click on the green Add Contact button above your contact list.

Add a contact button

  • Enter the contact’s information into the first box that appears on the Contacts page. By default, the fields shown are Name, Title, Email, Company, Phone Number, Mobile Number, and Fax Number.

contact information fields

[Note: You can show other fields (e.g. Address, Country, City) by clicking the gray Show More button at the bottom right of the box.]

  • Click the dropdown menu in the Add to List section if you would like this contact to appear on a specific list. You can also start typing in the name of the list you wish to add them to. Results will automatically filter.
  • Under the Contact Manager section, you can select an Account Manager for the contact (a user belonging to your SimplyCast account designated to manage the contact) by choosing from the dropdown menu; add  them to a pipeline by choosing the pipeline from the dropdown menu and then selecting the appropriate  stage from the second dropdown field that appears when a pipeline has been selected; or manually add  them to a 360 campaign (an automated communication workflow) by selecting the campaign from the  dropdown menu available.

[Note: Only 360 campaigns including a Start From CRM element are available to choose from.] 

[Note: All of these are optional.]

  • Finally, in the Custom Columns box, you can add information about the contact to any custom column you may have by selecting a custom field from the dropdown and filling out any additional fields appearing in this section. For example, if you have a column for “Responder Type,” you would find that column in this box and be able to enter the content in the field that appears.
  • Click Save & New to continue to add contacts this way or click Save & View Profile if you are finished entering contacts, which will direct you to the profile for the newly added contact. Alternatively, you may click Cancel to not enter any new contacts.

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