How do I build a tracking rule?

How do I build a tracking rule?

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Tracking rules are made up of the Data Source, Destination Field, Operation, and Value or Parameter. These can be found by clicking on the blue plus sign in the gray area below the link or pixel information. The dropdown menus function as follows:

  • The Data Source field is used to determine what is being modified in the tracking item. It tells the tracker what source to pull data from to alter. For example, if Fixed Value is selected, it is to add or remove data from a contact profile, and if tracker URL is in place, it is to modify the URL of the page doing the tracking. Data source will always state what is being affected.
  • Destination field is the dropdown that dictates where in the customer profile information is being changed. This allows you to automatically update the file without having to put manual notes on every time someone activates a link or pixel.
  • An Operation is how the data is being modified. So, Data Source is where you get the data, and Destination Field is where the modification is displayed, Operation is what you're doing.
  • Value (Link) or Parameter (Pixel) are the textboxes provided to modify data. In essence, this is the actual modification being made to the customer profile. When the tracker is activated, it looks to find out where it's getting the data, how it's modifying that data, what it's going to alter, and finally how the data is specifically being altered, which is the value or parameter.

Is it included in my plan?

Yes. Sonar is a free subscription available to all our SimplyCast users, so all the features of Sonar are fully unlocked for you. This does not mean, however, that the features of 360 such as email, SMS, and others are unlocked.

How do I use it?

When you open our application at and sign in, you will notice some tabs along the very top of the window. If you click "More" you can find Sonar in the menu that drops down. By opening Sonar and creating a new Sonar project, you will be transported to the editing page, where you can add rules and change settings and tracker types. Clicking the plus sign to "add additional tracking data" you can use the dropdowns to build a tracking rule.

How does this benefit me?

Tracking is an important part of the online sales process. It allows you to see who went where, what they showed interest in, how much they might spend, how hot a lead they are and so on. It gives you an abundance of information before they ever sign up, allowing you to make conversions faster and easier.

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