How do I create a pipeline?

How do I create a pipeline?


What is it and how do I use it?

A pipeline is also known as a sales funnel. It's a monitorable process through which you sort leads so that you know where they are in the buying process, and what they have already received in your campaign. When you have opened the Contact Relationship Manager, click Pipelines to open the pipeline feature. This will show you all your available pipelines, as well as allow you to create a pipeline. From there, add and name stages then click save in the lower right corner.

How does this benefit me?

By organizing things into pipelines and sorting them, you are easily able to see what leads are buying, and where they are in your sales process. This helps you to refine the process, as well as automate certain stages to get people through the pipeline with little hassle. This will also allow you to define the stages of your sales process and will help identify problems with specific parts to focus further on improving those areas. The organization will also serve to make the whole process faster once in place.

Is this included in my plan?

This is a part of CRM which is being given as a gift to our customers, so yes. 

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