How do I create an SMS campaign?

How do I create an SMS campaign?


To create your SMS campaign, look for the SMS option in the Applications dropdown at the top of the page. 

Click on the Create Campaign button to begin creating your SMS campaign. Enter a name for your SMS in the pop-up and click on the Create button to continue.

Now you will arrive in the SMS editor. You can enter the content of your text in the large textbox. If you wish to personalize your text you can use the Merge Tag dropdown list to select a field from your list. This will allow you to use the Add Merge Tag button to add the merge field to your list. If you select the field called Name, for example, the system will place %%NAME%% in your message. You can set a Max Length to set the maximum amount of information that will be merged. 

As you create your message, the editor will tell you how many characters are remaining in your current message. If a message exceeds 140 characters our system will require more than one text message to deliver it, meaning it will cost you more credits to send it.

Now that you've got your text message ready, click on the Next button. You will now arrive on the Schedule page.

First, select one or more lists to send to. Lists are selected by clicking on the field and selecting your list(s) from the dropdown menu. If you would like to send your SMS campaign immediately, use the Send Now button. If you would like to schedule your SMS campaign to send on a specific date and time, click on the date and time field under Schedule SMS. If you are sending on a specific date and time, click on the Next button.

Now you are will arrive on the Crosscheck page. This page will display an overview of the steps you needed to complete to send your SMS campaign and let you know if there are any items you may have missed. There are three different icons that can be displayed:

  • Green checkbox - This icon indicates the step is complete.
  • Yellow exclamation mark - This icons represents a warning of a potential issue.
  • Red 'x' icon - This indicates a problem with the SMS campaign that must be resolved before you may proceed.

In addition to the overview, you will also see a price estimate for the cost of your SMS campaign.

Once you have reviewed each of these items, use the Complete button to finalize your SMS campaign.

Aborting a scheduled SMS campaign:

To abort a scheduled SMS campaign, look for the red Abort button on the SMS Dashboard next to the scheduled SMS project. You can abort any SMS campaign that is not currently sending. 


The following information is a breakdown of items that are displayed on the Reports Dashboard:

  • Project Name - the name of the SMS project.
  • Message - a sample of the content contained in the SMS campaign.
  • Time Sent - the time the campaign is scheduled.
  • Sent - the date and time the campaign was sent
  • Status - the status of the campaign.
  • Price - the estimated cost of the campaign.
  • Lists - selected SMS lists are displayed in this field.

When you select a report and click the View Report button, you can see additional details in the campaign. The report can also be downloaded to a file using the Download button. 

Unsubscribe List:

When people receive SMS messages they can reply to opt out of them; however, you may have cases where people do not reply properly or perhaps contact you another way (such as calling or emailing you). In those cases, you can manually add numbers to your unsubscribe list by clicking on the Unsubscribes tab or using the SMS menu.

To add a number, type it in the box. Remember that international numbers must include the country code. For example, a number in the UK has a country code of +44. If your number is from North America, the country code is not required because we add one automatically.

If you wish to add more than one number at a time, please each number on a separate line. Once you have finished entering your numbers, click on the Unsubscribe button. You will see the numbers display in the list below, along with the date they have been added. You will also see additional opt-outs from people replying to your texts.

The unsubscribe list can be searched using the searchbox located above the list of unsubscribed numbers.

If you have any other questions regarding how to build an SMS campaign, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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