How do I insert and edit a table in a message?

How do I insert and edit a table in a message?

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To insert and edit a table in a message, click on the "Insert Table" icon.

When you click on this icon you'll be asked to enter some parameters to tell SimplyCast what kind of table you want to create. You can change the number of rows, columns, width, height, borders, etc.

When you're finished defining your table, click on the "Ok" button to save it.

Editing Table Properties

To edit the properties of a table, simply right-click in the table and choose the appropriate item in the menu that you wish to edit. You can adjust individual cells, rows, and the properties of the table itself. When attempting to edit a specific cell, make sure you right-click in that specific cell first before you adjust cell properties.


Tables are very useful for defining layouts in a message during newsletter creation. If you are using a table to define a layout, keep in mind you can have tables within other tables. If you want a border around your content, create a large table first that is 1 row by 1 column and assign it a border value. Border values are entered as numbers which define the width in pixels (the larger the number entered, the thicker the border will be). A 1x1 table with a border can act as a border around the entire project, then you can create a table for layout purposes within this table and define multiple rows and columns with a border of 0 to hide the border between cells from your recipient.

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