How do I install 1CRM?

How do I install 1CRM?

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Connecting your SimplyCast account with 1CRM is simple.

What you need:

  • A valid 1CRM account
  • Your username and password for the account
  • Your 1CRM site URL

1. Login to your SimplyCast account and go to the integration marketplace located here:  Select the 1CRM integration and click Install.3. Enter the configuration information and click Save.

  • My Integration Label: This is what you would like this integration to be called.
  • Username: Your 1CRM username
  • Password: Your 1CRM password
  • CRM URL: Your 1CRM site URL

4. Select Create under the Active Connections section. Give your connection a name and select the type of connection you would like it to be. Click Create to create the connection.5. Configure your connection and select the processing interval (how often synchronization tasks occur). Name the list where you would like the contacts to be placed (A new list is created for each connection. You cannot choose an existing list).6. Configure your field mapping for the connection.

  • Source Columns: These are the fields coming from 1CRM
  • Data Flow: This is a visual representation of how your data is synchronizing
  • SimplyCast Columns: These are the fields in the SimplyCast CRM
  • Synchronization Type: This is how you want the data to synchronize
  • Ignore: Do nothing on either end with the data
  • Synchronize: Push data both ways from 1CRM to SimplyCast and vice versa
  • Import Only: Only bring data from 1CRM to update SimplyCast
  • Export Only: Only send data from SimplyCast to update 1CRM

7. Click Save to save your synchronization configuration.8. Return back to the integration. You will notice that your connection is inactive.9. Select the connection you have just created and click Enable. Your connection should now show as active.

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