How do I know if my emails are getting delivered?

How do I know if my emails are getting delivered?

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Message delivery can vary based on your message content, subject line used, list quality, and many other factors. To see how well your campaign is doing, you can view your campaign statistics on the reporting page.

To view your email results, click on the Email Marketing application once you log in. This will take you to the Email Marketing Dashboard.

Click on the Reports tab to view your results.

To get additional information from the results page about a specific campaign, click on the bar graph icon to the left of the project name.

The reports will show you how many people opened your message, as well as how many clicks you have received from the links within your campaign. Creating links that your recipients can click on is helpful to see how much traffic is being driven to your website from your marketing. SimplyCast automatically converts any links in your message content to tracking links so this data can be tracked for you.


Message sent in text-only format cannot be tracked, which means there will be no open rate or click-through statistics available.

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