How do I make a section of an image clickable?

How do I make a section of an image clickable?

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If you're in the SimplyCast Email Editor and you're asking yourself "How do I make a section of an image clickable?," we have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news is, you can't specify a certain section of an image to be clickable while other sections aren't. Good news is, however, you can make the entire image clickable by adding a link to it.


To add an Image Block to your email, click and drag the icon into the email. When you begin to drag the imageblock over, the different sections of the email (Preheader, Header, Footer, etc.) will be highlighted so you can determine into which section to place the new image block.

When you place an image element into your email, you will be presented with several options in a pop-up window as to the type of image element you wish to add. once you have chosen which option to add, you are able to customize various settings in the right-hand Image Settings, Image Styling, and Element Styling menu.

In the Image Settings,menu you can choose the image to upload into the email. Click the blue Choose Image button to produce the Image Uploader pop-up where you can search throughyour files and choose the image you wish to upload.

choose an image

Once an image is chosen, more options will appear in the Image Settings section, including a Link field, which lets you add a hyperlink to the image, directing those who click on the image to a web address of your choosing. Click on the textbox in this field and type in the URL of the site to associate with this image.

Now, when you send the email to your contacts, they will be able to click on the image and they will be directed to the URL you have selected, whether that be your company's website, a product page, blog post, or whatever you wish.

So, even if you cannot make a certain section of an image clickable in your email, the ability to add a link to an image to make the entire image clickable is definitely possible with SimplyCast's Email Editor!

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