How do I set up a signup form?

How do I set up a signup form?

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Login to the SimplyCast application and select the Autoresponder tool.

Drag in a Signup Form element. Once configured, you can place this signup form on your website to generate signups that will trigger the Autoresponder events. Of course, you do not need a signup form to initiate an autoresponder campaign - you still have the ability to apply an existing list to your Autoresponder to begin your campaign as well.

Click "Create Project" and name your autoresponder project.

In the editor, drag-and-drop a signup form into your campaign. Editing options will appear on the right side of the screen.

To create a new signup form, select "Signup Form" from the drop-down menu under "Project Type."

To connect an existing signup form that you have already created to your autoresponder, select "Existing Form" from the drop-down menu under "Project Type." A second drop-down menu called "Link Existing Form" will appear, with all your existing signup forms listed. Select which form you would like to connect to the autoresponder.

Once you have selected your form, click "Create." Your signup form has now been added to your autoresponder campaign.

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