How do I use the Custom Domains feature?

How do I use the Custom Domains feature?

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What is the Custom Domains feature?

Custom Domains is a service that allows you to change the URL of the SimplyCast application. For example, instead of your instance of the application could be

How do I use or get a custom domain?

Custom Domains is a part of our Enterprise level email service, so any package that includes Enterprise Email is capable of using Custom Domains. Enterprise is valued individually at $20/per month. After that, you would access your domain(s) by opening the account page, and selecting the Domains tab.

You can set up a custom domain through the application for Landing Page only. To set up a custom domain for Email, purchase the subscription you want and then send an email to customer care at A customer care representative will be in contact with you promptly to set it up.

Why would I use Custom Domains?

Essentially, this allows you to view the landing page using a URL associated with your company for internal purposes, or in order to host forms and so on from the app, in such a way that it looks as though they were created by your company. It also allows shortened tracking URLs in your messages to be seen as your links, and not a shortlink.

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