How do I use the blocklist application?

How do I use the blocklist application?

Blocklist Monitoring FAQs

To use the Blocklist application, look for the Blocklist Monitor  application in the Applications dropdown in the navigation bar and select Dashboard. 

Once you have arrived on the Blocklist Dashboard, you will need to add a server IP address to monitor for any listings or delistings.

To add an IP address for monitoring:

  • Click on the Add new IP button.
  • Look for the IP Address box and enter the server IP address.
  • You can enter a description for this IP in the Notes box. We recommend using a description such as a server name to identify it more easily.
  • Click on the Submit button to add the IP to the list below.

You will now see the IP address and Notes below, along with the following items:

  • Listed - This column indicates if your IP address has been blocklisted or not. IP addresses are checked about once per day.
  • Open - This button displays detailed information about the listing status of the IP. It will display the blocklist name, the status of listing, and instructions for removal.
  • Edit - Use this button to edit the IP and/or Notes
  • Delete - This button will remove the IP address from the list.

You can also Search your IP addresses by using the Search button at the top of the page.


By default, the Blocklist Monitor application will send you notifications to your Primary Account Email (which is the same email you log into your account with). You can have notifications sent to additional email addresses by click on the Settings tab on the left.

Note: Only verified sender email addresses can be sent notifications. 

At this point you are finished - the system will now send you notifications if your IP address is listed on any of the blocklists we monitor.

It is important to remember that monitoring is not in real-time. We check your IP address about once per day.

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