How do I use the list selector in my form?

How do I use the list selector in my form?

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The List Selector is one of the Advanced Elements available in the Form Builder when you design your form. It allows you to drag and drop an element in the form that people can use to select which mailing list they would like to be added to.

Once you drag and drop your List Selector element in to your form, click on it to see the List Selector properties on the left. Below is a breakdown of each and how they work:

  • Label - This is the label displayed above the lists the recipient can select.
  • Style - This is the styling applied to the label and list names
  • Add a List - Select the list name you would like people to be added to. Once you have selected your list you will be prompted to enter a Public Name for the list that people will see on the form.
  • Remove a List - Use this option to remove any of the lists you have added.
  • Description - Use this field if you want to add a description under the list names people can choose from.
  • Required - determines if the field is required or not.
  • Error Message - This message is displayed if the list selector is required and if no lists were selected.

When you have finished editing, click on the next button. It is important to note that the list or lists you select on the Data Settings page is used as a default. This is important if the list selections in the design are optional. Here is a practical example:

Let's say you are collecting information for people interested in your company products. You always want to collect this information from the form to opt them in to a list, but you also give them additional signup choices. You could give these optional choices in the list selector, but still have them be added to a master list regardless as part of the signup process. This master list (or lists) is chosen on the Data Settings page, and this list should be different than the lists your signups are added to when they select the choices you give them in form list selector.

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