How do pipelines work?

How do pipelines work?


If you've ever asked yourself, "How do pipelines work?" we have the answer! Pipelines are a tool that can be used to organize contacts in various stages of a SimplyCast 360 campaign so representatives can easily determine who needs what in terms of engagement and outreach efforts on their part to further the potential of making a sale.

How do pipelines work?

Pipelines cannot link directly to a single customer, but a SimplyCast 360 campaign can interact with the contact relationship manager in such a way that the events of the campaign can move customers around the pipeline. For example, you can set SimplyCast 360 to update the pipeline after an email has gone out to move a customer ahead if a link is clicked, and to send another on a delay if the message wasn't opened, among many other uses.

Why do pipelines need 360?

Pipelines on their own can be used to organize and shuffle contacts manually, but the CRM, and therefore Pipelines, was designed to work with a marketing automation platform, not in place of it. They can be used individually but this will take up a lot of time and manpower. By designing your pipelines to work seamlessly with 360, you are not only able to automate sends, but make advances in your sales processes and more.

Can pipelines store people in lists depending on their level?

Pipelines are a representative of the sales process and are designed to be a bit more fluid than that. This being said, messages can be sent only to contacts in a specific pipeline stage so you are able to still regulate the messages sent to people in a given pipeline.

How do I learn more?

If you're still asking "how do pipelines work?" contact us today! A member of our team would be happy to help!

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