How do you set up a content reminder?

How do you set up a content reminder?

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content reminder settings

  1. Click the blue Settings button in the Content Reminders field.
  2. A sidebar will appear with three initial fields: Use Content Reminders, Email Addresses, and Reminder Delay.
  3. The Use Content Reminders field contains a checkbox where you can choose whether or not to send content reminders for that campaign. Check off this checkbox to enable content reminders, or uncheck the box to disable content reminders. Disabling content reminders will cause the other two fields ”Email Addresses and Reminder Delay” to disappear.
  4. The Email Addresses field is where you must choose at least one email address to send content reminders to. You will be able to choose from any emails associated with your account. Click the checkbox to the left of any email address to select it.
  5. The Reminder Delay field is where you choose how often you want content reminders to be sent. This field contains two dropdowns. In the first dropdown you choose a number from 1-7, and in the second dropdown you choose a unit of time (Days, Weeks, or Months). The number in the first dropdown determines the number of the selected time unit the system will wait between content reminder sends.
  6. Click the blue Confirm button to save these settings and close the pop-up, or click the gray Cancel button to close the pop-up without saving your content reminder settings.

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