How do you show interactions on the canvas?

How do you show interactions on the canvas?

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An interaction in SimplyCast 360 signifies any time a contact passes through a connection between two campaign elements, either as a result of receiving and/or engaging with a message in any way, or performing a pre-designated action that meets a piece of criteria set up in the automated workflow.

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When a workflow is active, you may choose to have the number of contact interactions each individual element has had appear on the canvas. To do this, click the eye icon in the Widgets bar above the canvas. Once this setting is activated, you will see a number next to each element and connection in the campaign. This number indicates the number of contacts who have reached each point in the workflow.

interaction history on 360 elements

If you hover your mouse over the number, you will see a written description of the interactions the connection or element has had.

interaction hover-over description

If you click the number on a campaign element, such as an Email Campaign element, you will be redirected to the Reports page for that campaign where you can see full reports of the campaign so far.

If you click the number on a connection, a Connection History sidebar will appear where you can see a full list of contacts and their interaction with that connection. By default, the Connection History sidebar contains a table with the following pieces of information:

  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Fax Number
  • Interaction Time

connection history

The final widget in the Widgets bar above the canvas is to refresh the interaction information displayed on the canvas. The widget will only be available if the Show Interactions on the Canvas widget is activated. Click the Refresh icon at any time to refresh the canvas' interaction information.

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