How does SimplyCast 360 make its decisions?

How does SimplyCast 360 make its decisions?

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For anything that you want customers to make a decision on, you create a set of instructions for SimplyCast 360 to follow for each of the separate choices they can make. You then set up the system to trigger different messages based on customers' specific decisions.

So if Susan signs up through a form and selects her preferences, the system reads her data and sees that she has selected, for example, to be contacted by SMS and to receive information about special restaurant offers. Susan's name is added to a list to get restaurant offers and her mobile number is transferred to a list of people who want to receive SMS notifications.

When a special restaurant deal comes in, the 360 Automation Manager sends out messages to everyone who is on the restaurant offers list. Susan is included on that list, and the system reads that she has selected SMS as her preferred form of communication, so it sends out the restaurant deals as an SMS message.

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