How does the activity tab in Sonar reporting work?

How does the activity tab in Sonar reporting work?

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How does the activity tab in Sonar reporting work?

The activity tab in a report for SimplyCast Sonar works in two tabs with two columns. The tab you start on will show you the operating system your visitor was using, be it iOS, Linux, Windows, or other operating systems. It can even put unknown ones in their own category. This is divided into two columns.

Total Hits - tells you how many overall clicks or views that tracker has recorded

Unique Hits - records the unique hits based on browser, ip address, and cookie.

The second tab is where you can view the browser of your visitors. This works in the same way, with the total and unique hits column, but tells you if the user was using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or other web browsers.

Can I look for specific leads?

Yes! We have them all listed out and sortable by ID number, date of visit, and many more options just below those two graphs!

How does this information help me?

This helps you to know which browsers you need to program for the most. While ideally you want to be able to function on all of them, the truth is that browsers are getting harder to keep ahead of. If none of your customers are using Internet Explorer, for example, it makes more sense to focus on features where your customers browse from. It also helps you learn what platforms you may need to develop apps for in the future.

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