How does the overview tab work in Sonar?

How does the overview tab work in Sonar?

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How does the overview tab work in Sonar?

The overview tab should be the first one you see when you open the reports on a tracker and should contain the following:

  • Total hits - the total number of visitors your site has seen since the tracker was placed.
  • Unique hits - the number of those hits that are marked unique. Unique visitors are tracked using a triple layer check that looks for browser, IP address, and cookie. This is to minimize multiple unique hits from one person.
  • date created - the date the tracker was created
  • Tracker information - the information that tells you what kind of tracker you have selected, as well as the information on the tracker and the overview of the tracker's performance.
    • Tracker Type - link, pixel, or custom link
    • Tracking Pixel - an embeddable code for the tracking pixel that will track visits to the page as opposed to link clicks.
    • Overview - a graph that shows you the number of times the tracker has been activated since its inception, or within the time frame specified.

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