I have many emails that are not opened. Why?

I have many emails that are not opened. Why?

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Email delivery can depend on many factors. It is important to consider the following when looking at your results:

List quality

If you're sending to an older list, this could impact your delivery rate. It is recommended that you not mail to old mailing lists because high numbers of bounced emails will negatively affect your delivery. In fact, a bounce rate of as little as 1% could cause ISPs to temporarily reject your mail.

Message content

Make sure you check your content using a spam checking tool. Many tools are available online that can be used to analyze your message content. Try and keep the spam score as low as possible.


Many ISPs and Services, such as Gmail and AOL, use engagement to decide whether to deliver an email to the inbox or send it to the spam folder. Encourage your recipients to add your email address to their contact list and reply to your email.

It is also important to understand what the "Delivered, Not Tracked" statistic means:

The statistic "Delivered, Not Tracked" means that an email was sent to your recipient, but we could not confirm if that email was opened or not.

To track if an email has been opened, SimplyCast inserts a small, hidden, image into your HTML code. When this image is loaded, the system will know that the recipient loaded the message content and viewed the message. Many email programs do not automatically load images in HTML messages, and if the recipient does not choose to load images or their email program is not able to view images, we cannot track if an image has been loaded and an email has been opened.


Also, please note that messages sent in Text-only format cannot be tracked because the tracking code requires HTML format.

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