My campaign says "Error." What did I do wrong?

My campaign says "Error." What did I do wrong?

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If you see an "Error" status in your report after trying to send your campaign, then there is most likely a problem with your mailing list. Try checking your list and make sure that the right field in your list is set up to represent your email addresses. You can confirm the list format by going to the Lists section in the CRM and selecting your mailing list. You should see your Email column with your email addresses in it. If the Email column does not contain email addresses, the error will occur because the system doesn't know which field contains your emails. The quickest way to resolve this problem is to re-import your mailing list into the system and ensure that the column name of emails during the import process matches the email column in your list. If you still encounter an error when you try and send, please contact our Customer Care team.

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