Can I integrate Facebook and email marketing campaigns?

Can I integrate Facebook and email marketing campaigns?

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Integrating Facebook into email campaigns is a great way to communicate with your clients and promote products and services.

Facebook link sharing

One way to integrate Facebook into your email marketing campaigns is to use link sharing. Link sharing allows Facebook to create a preview of your content that you can post in an email message, or on a Facebook profile.

Setting up Link Sharing in Facebook is easy. All you need to do is edit Facebook's link sharing url, shown below:

Replace the variable with your own website address and you are done!

It is common to see Facebook buttons in emails that link to these URLs, as well as on websites. When Facebook URLs is that if they are posted in a profile of one of your readers, for example, then their wall is updated. This then informs the friends of the reader that the URL is important, increasing awareness of your site. You can imagine the effect if more and more people share your Facebook URL, your site could go viral the more people share it!

Ask your subscribers to become fans

When subscribers become fans of your company, they are opting in to receive email updates from Facebook when you post news about your company. This helps to further reach your clients through a mix of social media and email marketing.

Just make sure that you still follow email marketing best practices!

Signup form

SimplyCast allows you to set up signup forms that can be posted to your Facebook profile. This will allow your Facebook readers to sign up for your email newsletters.

For additional information on Facebook Email Marketing, please visit our Blog.

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