Are integration plugins included for Agency365 resellers?

Are integration plugins included for Agency365 resellers?

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Are integrations plugins included for Agency365 resellers?

They certainly are. Agency365 is still 360, and still allows for all the same integrations — just with permissions and additional features. You can use any software we integrate with without worry as a reseller, or as a customer of a reseller. These integrations are quality of life supplements that help success, and we believe that resellers, regardless of the level they are at should have the tools to succeed.

How do I access them?

These should all be covered in onboarding. That means no need to spend time finding toggles or activation interfaces. All the plugins are set up for you!

What if I don't need them?

We include them anyway, just in case. That way if your customers need them, you have access. If you and your customers don't right now, the situation may come to pass where you need them and they're already set up and ready. You don't have to use them just because they're active, it's just for the convenience of our users.

What if Agency365 customers need a plugin that isn't available?

The same as any regular reseller in the same quandary, a ticket would be submitted to our Support or Partnership Teams, and the feature request would then be processed by our staff. We've already completed a number of custom integrations requests, so chances are, that customer's needs can be met as well.

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