Is it possible to attach a PDF file to my campaign?

Is it possible to attach a PDF file to my campaign?

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SimplyCast does not allow you to attach a PDF file to your campaign; however, you may create a link to a file that you have uploaded into our system.


Attaching a file to a message makes its file size significantly larger, which will make sending times increase substantially. You would also risk filling up a recipient's mailbox or having your email rejected because its file size is too large. There are even situations where some mail servers will remove attachments from messages that are received. Creating a link to a file allows the recipient to quickly view or download it.

To create this link, first type the text that you want customers to click on to download the PDF. This could be something like "Click here to download." Now highlight the text with your mouse and click on the Insert Link button.

When you click on this icon a new window will open. Look for the button called Browse Server. A new window will then open that will allow you to upload a file. Look for the button that says upload at the top. When you click on this icon you will be able to search your computer for the file. Select the PDF file and click Open.

This will upload your PDF to your SimplyCast space. In the bottom right of the files window click the green check-mark button called Select.

You will now see the URL has been filled in with the file path to your PDF document. Click OK and you will see the link in your email. When a customer clicks this link they will be able to download your PDF from the email!

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