How does the new navigation bar work?

How does the new navigation bar work?

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SimplyCast recently updated its top navigation menu to provide a better experience to all users. The new bar is consistent across all channels and presents an organized menu for greater ease of use.

When you log into your SimplyCast account, you will now see that your pinned items are white icons on the black bar as compared to the colored tabs in the previous bar. Hover over the pinned icons and you will see the color change for the one you are on. Click to access that specific application.

If you click "Applications," you will be shown a menu of all your applications sorted by category: Automation, Communication, Social, Tools, or Account. To access any chosen application, click on the icon. If you wish to pin an application to the main navigation bar, click the pin icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application. If the pin icon is green, it is already pinned to the navigation bar.

The Help section has also been updated through the new navigation bar. You can now click "Help" and be presented with a dropdown menu that contains options for Tutorials, FAQ, and Feedback. If you click Tutorials, you will be presented with a pop-up menu where you can choose what channel you're interested in learning more about. Choose the channel to see tutorial videos for it.

If you would like to visit the FAQ section, simply click the section option from the Help menu. And, if you would like to give feedback on your experience with SimplyCast, you can now choose "Feedback" from the Help menu to be presented with a form to fill out.

The last change to the new navigation bar is where you click your account number. Doing so now, you will notice, will bring out a sliding drawer from the right-hand side of the screen instead of a short dropdown menu. This new drawer presents you with more options than the previous dropdown menu and is divided at the top into two categories: My Profile and Notifications.

From the My Profile option you can access:

My Profile: This option will take you to your Profile Information page where you can change your information, add a sender address, and make any changes related to your account setup.

Subscription: This option takes you to the Subscription Overview page and allows you to view your current plans, invoices, and usage.

Multi-User: If your account has multiple users, and you have permission to view and alter them, this option will take you to the appropriate page.

API: If you have any API connections, you can view/revoke/add new ones here.

Integrations: Clicking this option will take you to the Integrations page where you can see and choose any of the existing integrations SimplyCast has.

Logout: Click here to log out of the platform.

Clicking the Notifications option will bring up a new view that lists any notifications you may have including list upload alerts and message center updates. You can click "See All Notifications" to see an archive of all messages your account has received.

To be taken back to the main SimplyCast dashboard at any time, click the SimplyCast icon in the left-hand corner of the navigation bar.

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