New tracking items in Sonar: what's the difference?

New tracking items in Sonar: what's the difference?

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Our new SimplyCast Sonar contains three unique tracking items. These items perform unique functions and are all useful for specific purposes. Here are the basic purposes of each of them.

  • Tracking Pixel - The tracking pixel is embedded in your website, and tracks advanced details about what is done on the page it lives on. It can be assigned to do a number of tasks related to updating the customer file with different kinds of data depending on what you need. It loads with the page and only requires that your leads reach that page. This tracks internally, so only on your own web pages. However, it will gather unique data such as what search terms were used to find you and more.
  • Tracking Link - The tracking link is a method of tracking anonymous leads coming in through external sources. The link can adjust manually adjusted things like lead scores and so on, but can also tell you where they came from and where they landed. It can also track users coming in from paid ad campaigns, and so on. This provides a little less information compared to the pixel but can be put on pages outside of yours.
  • Custom Tracking Link - This tracking link serves the same purpose as the prior tracking link, however, the text within the hyperlink is of your choosing instead of auto-generated, allowing you to choose how your link is presented to the public.

Are these included in my plan?

Yes. Sonar is a free subscription available to all of our SimplyCast users, so all of the features of Sonar are fully unlocked for you. This does not mean, however, that the features of 360 such as email, SMS, and others are unlocked.

How do I use them?

When you open our application at and sign in, you will notice some tabs along the very top of the window. If you click "More" you can find Sonar in the menu that drops down. After you select Create Sonar, you should be presented with a window where you can choose one of the available options.

How does this benefit me?

All of these would, ideally be used over your web marketing, but the pixel would be used only on your own web pages to gather information, while the links would be outside facing on social media, emails, and more to track people coming into your site. These each give you access to more information, and the ability to gather more to better your business without expending resources you need elsewhere.

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