Have Pipelines changed with the new CRM updates?

Have Pipelines changed with the new CRM updates?


Note: All CRMs are now the "new" CRM.

Yes and no.

The process of adding pipelines as well as adding contacts to them remains essentially the same as with the old CRM, however where the pipeline visuals used to be vertically organized in a list separated by color, in the new CRM you will see the pipeline displayed more horizontally with the use of circles for each stage of the process.


You are still able to edit your pipelines, and we have made this process easier by creating a sidebar that opens whenever you click on a particular pipeline where you can perform basic edits to the name and color of the node.

edit pipeline

To do more extensive editing to your pipeline, click on the name of the pipeline you wish to edit and it will open a page where you are able to add contacts, filter the contacts, and edit a particular stage. To edit a contact, simply click on the checkbox next to a name and options to edit will appear.

edit pipeline contact

So, essentially the process remains the same, yet we have streamlined it in order to create a more efficient UI.

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