Can I send a bulk fax broadcast from my computer?

Can I send a bulk fax broadcast from my computer?

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With SimplyCast, you can easily send a bulk fax broadcast from your computer without ever touching a fax machine. With the SimplyCast Fax tool, you are able to upload a PDF to send as a fax. Alternatively, you can also use SimplyCast's "Build a Document" editor to create the document within the platform. This editor allows you to use HTML, text, images, and simple document-formatting tools to create the fax for the campaign. Also, need to add a fax cover sheet? SimplyCast's Fax tool also provides an easy-to-use fax cover sheet template that you can plug your information into.

Add as many sheets to your fax campaign as you need and get ready to send!

On the sending page, you get to configure your scheduling and sending restrictions. Want to send your campaign right away? You got it! Want to schedule it for a later time? You can do that, too!

With the sending restrictions, which are optional, you can choose start and end times so your campaign won't send outside of those times. You can also choose specific days to send on. Sending restrictions are a great way to ensure you're only sending to your contacts at times they are sure to see your fax campaign.

If you're ready to see how SimplyCast's bulk fax broadcast tool can help you, click here to sign up for a free quote. A member of our sales team would be happy to assist you in finding the package and solution that best suits your needs. You can also click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast 360.

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