What is a shortcode?

What is a shortcode?


What is a shortcode?

Shortcode is one of two methods of communicating via mobile. Shortcode is typically reserved for businesses, nonprofits and carriers, and comes in the form of  five to six digit numbers that can be used to send text messages nation wide (our Canadian shared shortcode is 770077 and our American shortcode is 550055). Shortcodes are ideal for sending time-sensitive messages to many contacts at once. Canada and the US each have a separate shortcode system in place to allow companies to send messages via shortcode. This system involves all carriers in the country vetting and approving shortcodes for their intended use before they can be set up. Once shortcodes have been vetted and approved, they are not subject to carrier filtering or suspension for heavy traffic. This vetting and approval process makes for a longer set-up and deployment time, but once complete makes for much more reliable sending. As part of the shortcode system, contacts MUST opt in to shortcode messaging by sending a keyword to the shortcode. You are not able to send text messages to contacts via the shortcode unless they have personally opted in via this method. Shortcodes can send text messages up to 135 characters in length.

What do I use shortcodes for?

As mentioned above, shortcodes were specifically developed for applications and organizations to contact customers. As such, a shortcode is best used in SMS communications to customers of businesses, nonprofits and more. Shortcode enables mobile contests, event participation and more.

Do I have to pay for shortcode sending?

Yes. Currently, you need to call into our sales or support teams to request the feature, and we will get it set up for you and attach the associated costs to your invoice.


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