Should you use music with automated call distribution?

Should you use music with automated call distribution?

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When creating a voice blast to send to your contact lists, the primary goal is to make sure that the message content is as clear and to the point as possible. If you want to include music with your automated call distribution campaign, be sure to keep the music very low so it won't overpower the actual message.

We are not saying you shouldn't use music, only that it shouldn't be a distraction to your contacts in that they either can't or won't listen to the most important part of the voice blast - which is the voice that's providing the actual message.

When creating your voice blast, add in your music file at a volume you think will work and won't be too loud. Then, you should test send the message to yourself to test how the music and the voice message interact with one another, and if they are properly balanced. If you find the music is either too loud or too soft, you can try again by uploading the music file again and doing another test send to yourself. During any test sends, you should also pay attention to whether the music has the effect you intended and whether the message actually benefits from including it or not. If you can't justify the addition of the music, or if it seems like too much, it is probably best to just remove it altogether.

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