What is the SimplyCast Agent Program?

What is the SimplyCast Agent Program?

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The SimplyCast Agent Program allows any individual or company to represent SimplyCast by selling SimplyCast products under the SimplyCast branding.

The Agent Program allows participants to offer engagement automation to their clients and earn commission on their sales for up to two years.

Once signed up, you are considered an Agent of SimplyCast, who will receive commissions for any new lead you bring to our service who makes a purchase. Once you pay the Agent Program fee, a SimplyCast Agent's job is simple: get people interested in SimplyCast. Agents can use their tried-and-true marketing techniques to pique clients' interest. Agents will also be certified through the online training program, SimplyCast University, so they will have a strong understanding of the SimplyCast platform and will be able to share that knowledge with their clients.

The Agent Program differs from the White Label Reseller Program in that agents promote the SimplyCast platform under the SimplyCast branding instead of a white-labeled version. As an Agent, all you need to do is spark their interest. Once you’ve done that, you will send their contact information over to us and we will do the rest! We will close the sale, train them, and provide support.

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