What do I put in the SMS "Join" and "Help" messages?

What do I put in the SMS "Join" and "Help" messages?


These messages should tell your SMS subscribers how they can easily stop all messages or request help.

Example of "Join" message:

Thank you for joining the %%COMPANY%% text message list. Reply %%KEYWORD%% HELP to learn more or %%KEYWORD%% STOP to stop all messages.

Example of "Help" message:

This keyword belongs to %%COMPANY%%. Reply %%KEYWORD%% STOP to stop messages from %%COMPANY%%. 10msg/mth.Std msg rates apply.

The item that is most important is the frequency.

  • Frequency is how often the message will be used. Frequency is typically not more than 10 messages per month for the HELP message.

It is also essential to explain the standard message and data rates. "Std msg/data rates apply" must be included on any marketing material.

  • You must include the message and data note for both 550055 and 770077 shortcodes
  • The default message included can be used, but should not be removed. Removing the join and help messages will result in the keyword being deactivated.

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