Sonar: How do I use Add Additional Tracking Info?

Sonar: How do I use Add Additional Tracking Info?

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Once a web tracker is created, users are able to easily add additional data to associate with their customers when triggering this web tracker.

For example, if you want to add a tag to all users who visited your t-shirt webpage with the tag "T-Shirt Lead," you could configure the tracking link as following:

  1. Click the Plus icon to add additional data.
  2. Since this is a fixed value which will not change, we will leave it on Fixed Value.
  3. The Destination Field is what we're changing when the pixel is activated. In this case, we're trying to add a Tag, so we choose Tag for Destination Field.
  4. For operation, we're adding a tag so let's leave it on Add.
  5. And for value, we want to tag them with "T-Shirt Lead" tag so we'll enter that as the Value.

Now, save your tracker and add it to your page. Existing trackers will update automatically. There is no need to re-install. When a contact reaches the page with the new tracker, they'll automatically receive "T-Shirt Lead" tag just for visiting the page with this tracker on it.

Note that these trackers can be configured with variables, meaning that you can assign tags on the fly with the help of your web team. Choose "Tracker URL" for the Data Source, and then you'll be able to replace {{TAGS_ADD}} above with any type of tag you would like. If your website can find and replace {{TAGS_ADD}} with the Page Title, you can add one tracker to every page and have the visited page titles stored with each customer.

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