Do I share revenue from my business?

Do I share revenue from my business?

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I have a successful existing business. By becoming a SimplyCast partner do I have to share any part of my revenue generated from my existing business?

No! The revenue sharing is limited only to fees paid by your customers to use the SimplyCast white-label platform. The revenue share is also based on the 20-30% discount rate on our MSRPs which means any additional fees that you may charge are yours to keep as well.

And I can charge what I want?

You sure can! SimplyCast doesn't want to dictate what our resellers can charge, or how the service is offered. You can offer managed services, individual channels, custom packages and even the full platform. The only thing you can't do is recruit other resellers.

I can charge fees as I see fit?

Also true. As mentioned above, you have the ability to offer consultations, managed service and anything else you can imagine with the platform. Because of that, you are allowed to set your own price, and charge whatever fees you deem necessary.

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