Do you support mail merge in emails and subject lines?

Do you support mail merge in emails and subject lines?

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Yes. In the message editor there is a mail {Merge} drop down box that you can click on to auto-fill names in your email content. Click on the area in your text where you want to add a merge tag, then click the {Merge} button.

The way this works is the mail merge drop down list looks at mailing lists you have created in SimplyCast, and displays a list of fields within each list. When you add a merge field to your content, it will show up as %%Fieldname%%. The percentage signs around the field name is normal and required for the data to merge properly. When you send your campaign, SimplyCast merges the data in that field for each recipient based on the content in the list. For example, if you merged the first name field and you had your first name on the list in the corresponding field, then the system would insert the name into the content of the message. If there is no data in a field, the system will not merge anything and the merge tag will remain blank.

You can also address the recipient by their name by performing a mail merge. You can do this when setting up the scheduling information for the campaign by using the {Merge} drop-down box in


When you are planning to perform a mail merge, keep in mind that the name of the field you are merging must match the field in the list exactly. It is much easier if all your lists share a common field format. We recommend that all your lists contain the same field names to make it easier to test and avoid potential issues if you attempt to send to multiple lists at the same time!

Using the option to send a quick test message will not merge data into your message - you must send to a list to perform a mail merge. Creating a test list with the same field names as the list you plan to send to will make testing easy!

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