How do I trace a contact's journey through the campaign?

How do I trace a contact's journey through the campaign?

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When you select a contact by clicking the checkbox beside their name in the Connection History sidebar, two blue buttons will appear, one of which being Trace Journey.

trace journey button

A journey is a path that an individual contact takes through the workflow, and the Trace Journey feature gives you a visual representation of a selected contact's journey up to the current moment. When looking at the elements and connections in the workflow, points the contact has already passed through will have a dashed-line border, while point they have yet to reach will have a solid border as usual. The lines connecting elements will also be a dashed line instead of their usual solid line.

tracer on 360 canvas

Furthermore, an animated dot will move along the line and through the elements to represent the journey. You can change the speed of the dot's movement from the navigation bar. To the right of the Refresh Interaction Information widget, you will see an additional widget where you can adjust the journey trace's speed. Your speed options are x1 (normal speed), x2, and x5.

tracer speed

When the Journey Trace is activated, there will be a sidebar on the right side of the screen with the following actions and pieces of information:

  • Journey ID: The unique ID given to each journey
  • Active: Indicates whether or not the journey is still active
  • Name: The contact's name
  • Email Address: The contact's email address, if applicable to the journey
  • Phone Number: The contact's phone number, if applicable to the journey
  • Mobile Number: The contact's mobile number, if applicable to the journey
  • Fax Number: The contact's fax number, if applicable to the journey
  • View Contact: Click this button to view the contact's full CRM profile
  • Close Trace: Click this button to close the trace and close the sidebar

traced journey information

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