What’s the difference between a Page URL and Tracker URL?

What’s the difference between a Page URL and Tracker URL?

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Both tracking links and tracking pixels are components of SimplyCast’s web tracking tool Sonar but they function differently as each of them is used for a different purpose.

A tracking link is a specific web tracker type that can be used to track your audience coming to a specific page from external sources. When you are creating a Tracking Link or Custom Tracking Link in SimplyCast Sonar, you will find that it has referer URL in the data source options. The referer URL is the external source from which traffic comes to the webpage. Once a tracking link for a specific webpage is created, SimplyCast Sonar generates a short tracking link. You can use that link in = content such as a blog, email, or social media post. Your audience can visit your webpage by clicking on that link. Here, the address of the digital source from where they found the link (blog, email, social media) is the referer URL.

On the other hand, a tracking pixel is another type of web tracker in SimplyCast Sonar. Using a tracking pixel, you can track the activities/events taking place in a specific webpage. When you select Tracking Pixel as your tracker type, you will find Page URL as its unique data source. Page URL is the page upon which you want to track events. When you create a Tracking Pixel in SimplyCast Sonar, it will automatically generate a tracking code. You can embed that code on the webpage you want to track.

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